View Full Version : Tranny noise

05-15-2009, 04:22 PM
OK first off i would like to say that i am very anal about my car, so i hear and feel everything and want it fixed lol, here is the current problem

i bought my car with 55k on it and it currently has 64k at around 60k i flushed the tranny (full flush with all 18qts or whatever it was) and just 2 days ago i changed the filter on it. Ever since i added the od pulley and i have the car at wot towards the end of the rpm range the tranny lags to shift and i hear almost like a grinding/whining noise untill it shifts about a second or two. the only thing i can think of is since the car accelerates faster than stock its not building pressure as fast in the vb and lags on the shift. Is this correct or is something else a problem

When i flushed the old tranny fluid out it wasnt super black and the level is perfect. I want to do a j-mod cuz i think that will solve my problem but i need the funds first

Looking for any insight