View Full Version : 93 starting problem

05-16-2009, 10:10 AM
Having problems with my sc I got new strarter installed and fixed the ignition switch wire so it will start with the key. car started right up I drove it around the block parked it. came back yesterday to move the car to the back of the house to wash it and it wont start:(. since I was told the crash switch maybe going bad I tripped it and reset a couple times with no luck, but
one time i left it tripped so the fuel pump would not run car started
right up for about 2-3 seconds so i tripped it agian started right up agian
this time I reset the switch fuel pump came on car stayed running.

I tried to move car around house as soon as i put it in gear "auto" it went dead. at this point went and bought a noid light to check injector pulse
it tested good so i dont know what could be wrong.

Anyone have any Ideas? I'm going to get a fuel pressure gauge today and put on it. thanks Roy

05-16-2009, 10:20 AM
When i had trouble keeping the car going when in gear it was because the air tube fell off, all the unmetered air killed it, but that was just my experience, sounds like you have other problems, but maybe check the air box and tube to the tb or kn filter if that is what you have. battery terminals are tight too? my car wouldnt start after my hg job, pushed the neg terminal on the starter and if fired up, turned out to be a bad connector, changing that wire was a bee hatch.fires up now though, and i suppose you could check to make sure everthing is grounded out. good luck

05-16-2009, 01:07 PM
battery terminals good motor turns over fine.

I just got back from working on the car, today it cranked right up and ran fine for about 10 min then started acting up. It is acting like it is running real rich
when it does this.

I did find that the high speed on the fan is out. so it needs a new fan motor.