View Full Version : balancer question

05-26-2009, 01:17 AM
I recently put a 1999 3.8 bottom end into my cougar. I have 3 balancers. one is from a 96, one is from a 94s/c and the other is from a 97 I think.

I put the 94 s/c balancer on because I heard that 99-04 engines were internally balanced, sorta like the 89-95 s/c engines.

but then after asking this question on v6power, I got 2 responses, one person said the 99 engine is internally balanced, the other said it wasn't internally balanced.

How are the 99 engines balanced?:confused: If they are EXTERNALLY balanced, then I may have put the wrong balancer on.

the reason I needed to change the balancer was because there is no way to remove the pulley from the balancer on the 99 model. I would have just swapped the s/c pulley onto the crank, but its impossible. there aren't 4 bolts to install/remove the pulley.