View Full Version : 4.6 LX charging issue

06-12-2009, 05:36 PM
Since I don't really visit TCCoA anymore I was hoping someone here could help me with this one. I noticed my 95 LX 4.6 wasn't charging the battery, yet after replacing both the alternator and the battery the issue is still present. I'm not to keen on electrical stuff, so does anyone have any guesses?

06-12-2009, 06:08 PM
Have you disconnected anything else ? I thought there was a plug near the Battery Fuse box / power steering pump area that could cause your alternator to not charge if it isnt plugged in.

- Dan

06-12-2009, 07:28 PM
No, I haven't unplugged anything else. Full story: I hadn't driven the car for some time (months). I fired it up to drive the mile or so to the post office a few weeks back and it wouldn't start once I left the post office. I got a jump and when I got home I put the car on my battery tender. I left it hooked up for weeks; it was charging properly, the LED indicators on the tender said all was well and it fired eagerly the next time I started it. I got about 10 miles or so before the A/C started shutting off and turning back on. Having been through that before I knew it was a sign the battery either wasn't being charged or wasn't holding a charge. Soon the stereo shut off on its own and the voltmeter said very unhappy things. I managed to make it to a parking lot before it died. I returned the next morning with a spare battery (that I know to be good) and the car fired but I didn't like the voltmeter readings. I replaced the alternator there in the parking lot and managed to drive the 15 miles home; after parking the car and shutting it off the car refused to start again and the voltmeter read maybe 7-8 volts I haven't messed with the car since.