View Full Version : auto vs 5spd

06-19-2009, 10:37 PM
which is better? for the supercoupe that is daily driven yet can smack the crap outta ricers?

06-19-2009, 11:09 PM
all a matter of opinion...

btw, ricers are no fun after you clear the 15 flat mark. :)

then you are beating on tuners and stangbangers. :D

i own both, and toggle between them constantly, my 5speed gets favor because it is more fun to drive. lots of my driving is stop and go, and i dont really get bothered by it being a stick.

06-19-2009, 11:24 PM
I'm an old phaart and a 5 speed is a ~~~~! Even back in the old days (before rock and roll) a good shifting auto is a good match for anyone with a 4 or 5 speed. Particularly with the soft 2nd gear synchros these 5 speeds have. If you get a 95 with the 4R70W tranny and do a 400HP J-Mod on it, wont be anybody out shiftin ya!

06-20-2009, 12:27 AM
AUTO AOD with 3.73s

Ira R.
06-20-2009, 09:05 AM
What is an aut0matic..???

Ira :D

super red91
06-20-2009, 09:10 AM
IMO the 5spd is wayyy more fun, I just get bored driving an auto. The auto does run faster at the track, unless you are an awesome stick guy.

Now as far as racing off the track I would take a 5spd any day or an auto on the highway :p

06-20-2009, 10:20 AM
Five speed!

06-20-2009, 12:55 PM
definititely 5 speed is soooooooo fun

Mike Puckett
06-20-2009, 01:31 PM
I've been toying with the idea of switching to an AOD since about all mine does is make 1/4mi passes and go back and forth to the track, but after thinking about it, naaaah. I like shifting and I'm pretty consistant for racing brackets. For normal everyday boring driving I like the automatic, but when I'm in race mode:D I like a 5spd.

06-20-2009, 02:04 PM
Ain't nothin' like coming out of 3rd gear at 100-105 mph and speed shifting into 4th (stock 2:73 gears in the rear). Professional driver on a closed course.

'90 5-speed SC
'97 LX sport

Kurt K
06-20-2009, 02:33 PM
Not that I'm suggesting anything, but a 5 speed will be better from a roll :cool:

I went with an auto when I bought mine because of my bumper-to-bumper commute (when the SC was my only vehicle).

Tim Groth
06-20-2009, 03:05 PM
I've owned both...I've modified both.

5 speed is more fun hands down and even if daily driven it's not that big of a deal to push in the clutch.


06-20-2009, 03:08 PM
I prefer auto for SC and manual gearboxes for mustangs or smaller lighter cars.

06-20-2009, 03:20 PM
Autos are much more consistant at the track, too much going on with a 5-speed............:rolleyes:

06-21-2009, 12:45 AM
Autos are much more consistant at the track, too much going on with a 5-speed............:rolleyes:

Unless of course that track has turns...

06-22-2009, 02:31 AM
ive had both, and i miss my 5spd so much, my next sc will be a 5spd or i wont be buying it

91 XR7
06-22-2009, 10:22 AM
Well i have a '91 XR7 i converted over to 5spd, and honestly it was the best thing ever i did to that car, with the 3.27 final drives (Originally 3.08s) it was a blast to drive, easy to drive in Downtown Rush hour (Where it can take you a minute or so a block) and on the freeway it still got decent gas
the '91 SC i have is a 5spd.. even with 2.73's i still used it as a Daily driver (untill this Wednesday when it quit on me) And had no problems with that.. i think with a set of 3.08/3.27s it would of been easier to drive in rush hour thou..
Have an Automatic '89 XR7.. not bad.. but not the same to me.. Good `touring' or cruising car...
and an automatic '96 XR7.. Well great for comfort and being able to hold the GF's hand while driving:) (the above car is the same way thou :) )