View Full Version : transmission swap's or ideas

06-23-2009, 07:38 PM
I need a little help! After years, i mean years of wanting a SC i finely got one with a five speed trans. the problem is that second gear will not engage it just grinds, even while sitting still it will grind trying to get it to drop in 2nd.but all the other gears work fine. I'm trying to decide if its really worth rebuilding, or upgrading to a six speed which would cost a little more . The Ford Racing M-7003-H - Ford Racing Tremec 6-Speed HD Transmissions is what i was thinking about at summit racing for 2,595.95. now I'm not the best wrench out there and your opinion would be greatly appreciated. from what i gather almost any transmission from a 302, 5.0 v8 will mount up to the SC 232 .well never mind about that trans its only a few center meters longer that a t5 , so the shifter woud come up right by the stereo lol. but i would like to know if their are any other 6 speeds that would mount up close to the stock trans?

06-23-2009, 10:00 PM

As for the tranny that you have now! That sounds like the 2nd gear blockers are shot! I had these same symptoms and issues but in 3rd gear. Now that was as of 4 years ago, I think, and then I was having trouble hunting down parts for it then. I'm not sure how much it would be today to get the tranny work done.

As for other trannys, it is a good option to explore since our trannys are obsolete and the parts are incredibly hard to find! As for my .02, if you have the money go for the swap!

Later, B