View Full Version : MP FMIC air ducts

06-25-2009, 09:18 PM
Took the car out today and it was warm, ~87 degrees out. I noticed finally what everyone else with a MP FMIC has....the cars running warmer than I would like.

When I installed the intercooler I already had the A/C deleted so the condenser wasn't an issue. But what I noticed was there were HUGE gaps on each side and under the intercooler, that would permit the air to flow around the core rather than through it.

So since I have had a decent amount of time on my hands I am gonna try to get some galvanized sheet metal for ductwork. Make some bends in it and close up the gaps on each side at least. I think that will help greatly.

I noticed on the old radiator setup that they put rubber strips around everything so almost no air could pass around the core. I was thinking I could use rubber thats ~1/4" thick but the gap is so wide it would probably flap apart eventually at highway speeds.

I can get 4'x8' sheets for $40 so I think one sheet will do it. I'll let you know if I get good results.