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06-29-2009, 10:52 PM
ok heres the deal i got a stock 92 bird lx 5.0 im gonna buy 03 cobra wheels from the custom wheel shop they tell me i need 255/45/17 well my buddy has a mustang with brand new 245/45/17 tires on it i can get for 100.00 do you think they will fit ok? or look stupid now when i talked to the wheel shop they said i can get a 255/50/17 tires too.they said i will need to lower the car? to use whuch tires?are the 245/45 out all together? do i really need the 255/45 or the 255/50 since its a stock car? i need you guys to give it too me straight.if the car needs lowered which i dont want to do but if i have to where do you get the stuff and what do i need they said the 245/25 would look crazy on there too much fender gap well aint a 255/45 just about the same?? im confused but want to get the right stuff

06-30-2009, 10:48 AM
Click on this link and do your own research on tire size differences


245/45/17 would be the same as if you got 245/50R16 for your stock wheels. They would be a full inch shorter in diameter that stock. This means your wheel well gap would increase and make your car look like you jacked it up. I put 245/50R16 on my first SC and wished I hadn't done it. 245/50R16 is the perfect size for a 16 rim but not for a SC wheel well.

Search this site for 245/50R16 and you will find more pictures of SC's.


06-30-2009, 11:08 AM
If they are actually 17X9 Wheels then the 245/45's will be too short and look silly. I have 255/45 on my 17X9 Cobras and they are still 1/2 inch shorter than stock, but fill the wheel well great and llok good even on a stock height SC. However, I also noticed that the 255/50's are very close to the spindles on the front wheels so they may rub on a decent hard corner. The 255/50's are actually about .4 in. larger than the stock tires as well, so there really isn't a perfect fit to stay the exact same heigth as a stock 225/60 will be.

Best bet go with the 255/45's but, if you have room and others can attest the 255/50's will also work. But in any case don't do with the 245/45's way too short.


David Neibert
06-30-2009, 04:06 PM
I'm certianly not a Pro when it comes to selecting tires sizes, but some of these pics might help you decide. In these pictures of my 93 SC I've got 245-45-17s on the front with 17 X 9 Cobra Rs and 275-40-17s on the rear with same same size wheels and stock ride height. Had the same wheels on my 91 after lowering and they looked fine. This is the 93 at stock ride height.



Originally my 91 SC had 255-45-17s on all 4 wheels looked okay too. Here's what it looked like at stock ride height.


Here is what it looked like after lowering with the 255s


I don't think the 245-45-17s will look all that bad, but the 255-45s would be a little more agressive looking and fill more of the wheel well than the 245-45s will.


06-30-2009, 05:36 PM
245/50/17 is perfect FIT....but u can go 255/50/17 it aint gonna hurt but 245/50 is more perfect than 255/50...and dont go lower than 50 tire ratio on 17'' its gonna look stupid unless u r gonna lower it to fill the gap..and 55 ratio is too big for 17'' they r gonna rub and ur speedo might be a lil off....if i were u i would go 245/50 for perfect fit and 255/50 for more aggressive look plus they r gonna fill the fender gap a LITTLE more and speedo should not be any noticeably off.....

i part time work at rims shop and i install this stuff everyday and people usually come bak that their chromy wheel (tires) rubs and its the ratio of the tire very most of the time...