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09-24-2002, 08:11 PM
I've got The Itch to get a Super Coupe, which will be my first. (I'm a fan of the suspension, particularly, because I enjoyed two Turbo Coupes a while back.)

What technical issues should I be aware of in used SCs that are not listed in the FAQ?

Thanks, in advance!

In the Ozarks...

09-25-2002, 12:13 AM
Motor mounts...they are hydraulic (fluid filled) and break. Car Quest sells solid rubber replacements for $66.00 Can per side. Drop the H pipe and they aren't too bad to get at if you have it on a hoist.
Head Gaskets....common problem. Find out if yours has been done already. If it has updated Ford gaskets or Fel-Pro's your laughing.
Be careful with upper control arms. If the right side goes, it involves R&R A/C refrigerent and can get expensive.
ABS Brakes. Common parts involve the accumulator. Prioreman sells new accumulators for reasonable cost and will rebuild the whole master for you for a good price. Ford wants big bucks for a new one.
Harmonic balancers and bolts sometimes break. A steel aftermarket replacement is available, but are kinda pricy. Ford sells new ones for a reasonable cost. Be sure to replace the main bolt and crank pulley bolts too. (Use grade 8 for sure)
Other than that I think that they are a pretty decent car. You won't regret driving one!

Parts can be expensive, so shop around. There are lots of helpful people in here who sell used parts, offer very helpful advice to keep it on the road too.