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07-05-2009, 08:42 PM
Headed down to Osceola Dragway for friday night t&t. Weather was partly cloudy and resonable temps in the upper 70's, for July anyways. Current mods and such: '93 auto S/C, '94 complete engine w/ supercharger, K&N panel w/ silencer removed, a/c delete, gutted cats, resonator replaced w/ dual in single out glasspack, stock back half, 1/2 tank of Sunoco Ultra 94 octane, hypertech chip[ I know, I know, came in the car but it might actually be doing something in my car since the a/c delete the car doesn't get over the `o' or `r' on the temp gauge and the 94 octane to go with the extra timing], 165r15's on steel spares, 26x8.0-15 Hoosier slicks[ of course!] on 15" fanblades, full interior, and empty trunk. Drove the car to the track and swapped the slicks on. I got 5 runs in but could have ran more, not a real busy night, but was trying to allow cool down time. Run info:

Run 1: car bogged at the tree
Reaction: .5399
60 ft: 2.0900
1/8 et: 9.3622
1/8 mph: 76.00
1/4 et: 14.6779
1/4 mph: 92.42

Run 2: not a long cool down
Reaction: .1107
60 ft: 2.1152
1/8 et: 9.4582
1/8 mph: 75.14
1/4 et: 14.8313
1/4 mph: 91.63

Run 3: 45 min cool down, started manually shifting 2-3 shift
Reaction: .1150
60 ft: 2.0990
1/8 et: 9.3310
1/8 mph: 76.42
1/4 et: 14.5850
1/4 mph: 93.37

Run 4: 45 min cool down, outside temps were dropping, starting line was going away
Reaction: .5331
60 ft: 2.1607
1/8 et: 9.3590
1/8 mph: 76.89
1/4 et: 14.5779
1/4 mph: 92.40

Run 5: 25 min cool down, 1 pound down in the slicks
Reaction: .4092
60 ft: 2.1307
1/8 et: 9.3596
1/8 mph: 76.13
1/4 et: 14.6276
1/4 mph: 91.45

Not bad I thought for the first time out with this car. Need to get the shift kit installed thats hanging on the wall, install a better exhaust, put on a 89-93 pulley, and at least a fan on the stock i/c or double i/c w/fan. Ditch the hypertech at this point, get a tune, and hope for the 13's!:D


07-05-2009, 09:05 PM
Thats not to bad!:)

Ken Seegers
07-06-2009, 01:26 PM
Something doesn't add up....your using slicks and getting 2.1x 60 ft times. :confused: What rpm are you leaving the line? I ran 2.0x with street tires and 1.8x with slicks.

Your mph is too far off for the et.....I don't think you slipping off the line.

I launch off the line on the stall speed of the converter. If you have a stock converter, that might hurt you in getting into 13's with the current set up.

Still not bad for first trip.