View Full Version : 25k mile 4.6 PI motor setup for 94-95 MN12

07-23-2009, 11:54 PM
Up for sale is the 4.6 currently in my Cougar. It has about 25k miles since complete rebuild. .020" Sealed Power coated pistons, 2001 ported PI heads, cams and intake, Clevite bearings & timing setup, Arp main studs, Felpro or Victor Reinz gaskets throughout. It runs hard with 3.55s in the back. Feels stronger off the line and about equal at higher speeds to the '98 Mark VIII I bought last weekend to replace the car. The only glitch with the motor is a whisp of smoke on startup after sitting over a weekend. Sitting over night, it doesn't do it. Oil usage is about 1qt per 1800-2000 miles (guessing, odometer quit a while back). I drive 80-90 miles a day to work and it's good for about a month between needing any.

I'd rather sell this motor complete with all the wiring and parts to a MN12 person for their 94-95. Making this fit was a PIA and I'd hate to give it to someone that wouldn't care about all the swap parts.

Would prefer to have someone hear it run before pulling it. I'm near Pittsburgh, PA. Let me know if anyone know's someone that might need it. I'll sell it with the below items for $600. The shortblock was from a '96 and the top end is from a '01 Mustang. I can send pictures of the motor being built to those interested. I could probably take a video while driving it as well. I can also help with crating/shipping and delivering the motor to a terminal if needed.

Basic Longblock (pan to intake)
motor mounts
water pump
PS pump
All engine wiring and vacuum lines
NO A/C compressor, Alternator or Fuel Injectors
Upper intake elbow, throttle body with IAC (new)
Air intake tube (needed for a 94-95 swap)
Throttle brackets and cable (needed for 94-95 swap)
EGR setup (needed for 94-95 swap)


07-27-2009, 10:31 PM
Link to Page of Pics (http://users.zoominternet.net/~raz900/Cougar/index.html)

Pics on the page taken when the motor was installed in Dec. 2007