View Full Version : Question DIC,Cam& sensor, and more wiring harness

09-16-2009, 12:48 AM
*Title correction-Question DIC,Cam & Crank sensor, and more wiring harness

OK so I have been searching trying to find out why my tach don't work and my car is hard to start. Well from what I gathered is its my cam sensor. So I replaced it some time ago. IT didn't fix it. Well I gave it a sec look. I believe my wiring harness is bad. It doesn't look to pretty and a few other thing look real ruff. So a friend of mine gave me a new one. I went to install it an the main connector up by the Hat(blower top) is different. Mine is an 8pin connector(My car is a 93) The replacement harness is an 9pin(year of harness unknown). So What I want to know is what/why/where does the 9th wire do, and can I splice in my 8pin to the 9pin harness?