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10-12-2009, 10:35 PM
Another great time in Iowa... This time I drove my 93 down looking to get some times down the track to mess with my tune. I haven't had time to get the track loc rebuilt yet, so I didn't bother bringing down any drag tires.

The combination of cold air + cold track + street tires led to a fairly useless 1st gear and some wiggling in 2nd plus my normally bad 60 foot times lead to some horrendous 60''s in the high 2.3 second range all day.

Thus I was trapped at 13.5's pretty much all day long, with trap speeds ranging around 110-114mph. One might think that being stuck at 13.5 all day is a good thing for bracket racing where consistency is king. And it was, as in the first round I dialed 13.5 and ran a 13.507 at 114.88mph. Unfortunately I also rolled forward a bit, leading to my launch timing being off to the tune of a -.042 red light, knocking me out of the chase for the trophy.

I had 9 runs down the track and everyone of them was me tweaking and logging my tune with the quarterhorse. With the low air temps I found things drifting lean. I think by the last run I had it going pretty good. It may seem a bit odd, but it's kind of fun to actually be able to tune the car during a test and tune period at the track.

And yes, it was cold at the track. Morning temps around 27f, though the sun peaked out for a few minutes, and temps got into the mid 40's (f). Thankfully the air was pretty still, so no windchill.

10-13-2009, 10:15 AM

It was fun watching you getting out your ghetto computer hood between runs for your laptop.

10-13-2009, 10:57 AM
That's plenty of MPH to run low 12s and maybe an 11.9x.

At least you know what to expect.