View Full Version : "Birds" 92 & 91 for sale

10-13-2009, 06:42 AM
I hope this for sale post is O.K. on this Chapter forum, think I have seen others :)

It appears I am going to have to be realistic about my ability to get back to work on these (1) birds. Believe me, it is difficult to give up on this project! I deluded myself into thinking that when I retired I would catch up on my projects---oh well!! In the few events and much forum surfin, I have really enjoyed the Fl bunch particularly the central fl bunch----great people, lots of fun listening to all this stuff. Barn building and marshmellow attacks and such------GAWD ;)

Both were runnin when I got them, were local cars. 91 was blowing white smoke the worst, engine is out, I cyl resleeve. Auto car. White w/blk int, folddowns. 92 is blue, engine is down but not opened. Auto also. Not parted out, do not anticipate I will---if I had the time, I would spend it fixin. Really fighting the scrapper angle, hate to see something someone could used crushed. I can make a racehorse deal, so even if you have time/place to part out, your gain.

PM me for more-----