View Full Version : Project Car Paint Code

10-24-2009, 11:41 AM
Well, after trying to sell my '95 SC and a room full of performance and resto parts with no takers, I have finally bitten the bullet, and will start restoring the car. I found out right after I bought the car that it had been hit hard on the drivers' side (clean CARFAX), and so the sticker in the door jamb was gone. I went to Finish Masters the other day to buy some paint for painting under the hood, once I pull the motor and everything out. I found out the paint code is ZU-Graphite Night Mist. Kind of a pearl-metallic blue look. They happened to have a huge book going back several years with the codes and associated chips. I tried the Ford place first, and they didn't have it.

One thing I am thinking about doing eventually, after the mechanical stuff is done, is swapping the grey interior for a full tan SC interior, if I can find one in good shape, or maybe trade my real good grey for a tan, dash and all. I think the tan would look awesome in my car. My real choice for the interior would be solid black, but I see from the many posts here that for me, it would be too much hassle.