View Full Version : Damn, SC isn't going to college with me...

10-01-2002, 03:48 AM
Well, as it figures, time and money were against me in getting my car to college with me. In a matter of about a week and a half I needed to sell my 86 Grand Marquis so I could pay for a new clutch and other new parts (clutch still somewhat good, but going bad).

Anyway, with fate against me, my car didn't sell and even though I could drive the SC, I don't want to make the problems worse. The engine leaks oil from, well, nearly everywhere. The supercharger snout seal leaks...and by the way, the seal kit I got from Mills Ford was everything BUT the internal seals. The front tires are shot, upper ball joints shot, moonroof seal toast and leaks, making my back headliner soaked and rotting. So much stuff I needed to fix, but can't right now.

I'll be putting the SC up on jackstands under a roof for a while until I can gather the money and parts to make it a happy car again. In the meantime I'll be using my Marquis for my 15 months of college. The Marquis should get me through just as long as the engine and trans don't crap out. With 179,000 on it, I'm hoping it stays happy. Poor 302 wants a rebuild...

I'm upset I don't get to bring my new fast fun and in need of desperate help car, but it's for my own good I guess. I'll still barage you guys with questions over time though :D

Thanks for the help you've already provided me with too.