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02-01-2010, 09:03 AM
Name: Tony Serno
Username: SCME94

Just wanted to give some props to Tony on a smooth transaction and very friendly person to deal with! I have been bothering Tony for 5 years plus to sell me his beautiful 95 SC :D. I had a hell of a time try to find a decent carrier to ship the car from IL to FL but that is a whole other situation...I was a little nervous at first cause the bank wire transfered him all the money instead of half and then the other half when the car was on the trailer! So needless to say I ha:Dd to have complete trust in Tony to not take my money and run:D...Anyway just wanted everyone to know if you have the chance to deal with him to buy something you can rest assured that you can trust him and things will be exactly the way he describes them! Tony Thanks again for everything and I promise i will take good care of her!