View Full Version : 94 sc

02-14-2010, 01:51 PM
yo guys, so i bought this 94 for 400 bucks with a bad motor. car is in nearly perfact shape! int is 9/10 and body is 8/10(back bumper paint is chipping off). i just got done putting in my new motor which is running good but i have a few questions. i get a good strong miss once in awhile, makes the hole car jurk! it has new plugs, wires, plugs are gaped. so maybe dis or coil pack? if so any ways to check them my self?

also this is my 5 coupe and only 2 of them being autos i really dont remember how they run.... when i am coming to a stop sign the car is down shifting its self and i can fell it kicking down. its not a hard shift but i can still feel it, is that normal? are any of you guys running trans temp gauges? what shift kits are you running too...

thanks guys.