View Full Version : Balancer and Pulley

91 XR7
03-02-2010, 02:04 AM
Well I'm about to have my BHJ Balancer and Pulley checked for balanced together.. Went to bolt the pulley to the Balancer, A few things i notices

Bolts are too long (which i found is normal, Why YES i used the search feature :p) So which grade should the replacements be??
With the bolts in as far as fingers will allow them, there is still a rotational movement of the pulley to the Balancer (IE holes in the pulley to large), tried two pulley's (a '89 XR7 and '91 SC) both do the same.. do the OE bolts suppose to have step shoulders? I'm using the bolts from my '89 XR7's original motor
The notch on the pulley's do not align with TDC on the Balancer..

Is 2 and 3 normal?? I do not know where i put the bolts from my '91 SC to double check them :eek: