View Full Version : VTCI ITC and Bloomington Rendezvous IL 2010 events.....

06-18-2010, 01:32 AM
Stuff coming up in 2010

Some of you came to this a few years ago. Its the Bloomington Rendezvous By land of lincoln thunderbird club.


Ill be down there on sunday to check out the car show. i might be in the 03 tbird not sure yet.

Vintage Thunderbird Club International Convention Chicago IL


Ill be there all weekend. car show on Friday. check the link above for all the info.

International Thunderbird Club Convention Springfield IL


My parents are heading out to this with their 03 tbird, im thinking about heading down there saturday for the car show. Im having surgery on my ankle again july20th so im not doing the entire event, and im not bringing my car. check the link above for all the info on the show and the side trips that they have planned.

you have to be a member of the VTCI in order to participate in the judged car show, im not sure about the ITC show. Im a current member of the VTCI, but not the ITC. Id hope to see some of you guys there.[/quote]