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06-29-2010, 10:44 AM
I finally got to the track after the 5.0 swap in my 89XR7 5-speed. It was a good time even though I was slow and it was hot. I got 9 runs in. I didn't even crack into the 15s, my best was 16.001. MPH was very consistent with all runs at 87.xx mph except the first run when I lifted a split second before the finish line(85mph) and one run I tried shifting at 5,000rpm instead of 5,500 was a 86mph.
I couldn't get off the line at all for various reasons. All my 60ft times were 2.5x seconds and 2.6x seconds. I should have been in the 2.2-2.3 second range.
I lost to a new camaro, a rumble bee dodge truck(yeah, it had a hemi), an 10sec. fox mustang, and a 99+mustang gt.
I beat a 99+ mustang gt, an RX8, and a typhoon.
I think I'm missing one car which I probably lost to but I may have had 3 single passes, I know I had 2 single passes for sure.

$10 for 9 passes, that's only $1.11 for each pass. Of course I spent a fortune feeding the kids.

A little disappointing but if I empty my trunk, go on a cooler day, get a better launch and maybe mess with the timing a little I think it could be real close to what it was with the supercharged motor, 15.23@89.9mph. I ran that when I was still in South Carolina, it was in June but I don't think it was as hot as yesterday and it was also at night. I lived about 10 minutes from the dragstrip so I probably didn't have a trunk full of stuff and didn't have 2 hours of highway heat in the block.

07-01-2010, 01:42 PM
One word.......TURBO.......Dan

07-01-2010, 02:42 PM
One word.......TURBO.......Dan
One symbol.....$.....:o

I used an E.T. calculator with corrections for altitude and weather for my best pass saturday and the best pass with the 3.8 SC. I did not realize Bristol Dragway elevation was 1475ft. The corrected passes were 15.38@91.23mph for the 5.0 and 15.00@91.35 for the original supercharged 3.8.
With the mph almost identical and weight the same I guess the difference in the et was due to my poor 60ft times with the 5.0.