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09-06-2010, 04:34 AM
Ok -- don't chuckle too hard -- I'm new to this forum & am currently on the hunt for a pristine condition SC . . . Posted 'Want.To.Buy' Ad earlier tonight ((same ad pasted below)) . . . Anywayyyy, i know, i know - some will say Rediculous Post but here i go anyway. Its a total longshot but ya never know right - Is someone out there selling a pristine condition SC w under 40,000 miles that would consider reducing thier asking price on a Partial Trade / Partial Cash sorta deal - - take a chunk off your asking amount 'if' you have any interest in my '68 AMC Rebel muscle car . . . Again, both the SC Ad & the Rebel Ad pasted below.


1968 AMC REBEL 770 -- Muscle Car

Pictured below is a 1968 AMC REBEL 770 -- Numbers matching and in original condition. This car has less than 75,000 original miles on it and for the better part its life has been spent garaged, a true 4 owner car. There are no major body conditions to overcome aside from some very minimal surface rust in one tiny area. The car is in remarkable condition for being 40 years old. In 1967 it was called a Rebel Rambler but changed to just Rebel in '68. This Rebel is a 290 V8, automatic 2 dr hardtop. The interior & headliner have a couple minor condition problems as it is original. The door panels, dashboard and gauges are in very good condition. All electronics are working except the radio but I am told that is easy to repair. This car runs like a dream and fires right up with one turn of the key!

Rebel 770 was a rare model of a very rare car, less than 4400 were ever built. In addition this car has an extremely rare color scheme, yellow with a black top, most were blue or green and did not have a two tone. The vehicle has the sports package which included rally wheels. A pretty rare option outside of the SST. This car is a collector's dream and a car that with very little restoration would be welcome at auctions like Barrett Jackson or others. A rare muscle car with a hard-to-find color within a rare model from the smallest production of a large American automobile company. You don't have to love AMC's to love this car. $7,500 OBO.

Rick W.



W.A.N.T.E.D - W.A.N.T.E.D - W.A.N.T.E.D

Itza LongShot But Have Been Looking All Over The Country.
Found a beauty in Denver butttt is an automatic.
Couple of Sweeeet others w under 30K mi easily found online
but they are all black . . .

'90 - '95 SC -- Wht/Gold Body
Grey or Tan Leather
5-Spd -- Under 50k Mi
$6K -to- $10K
SunRoof / MoonRoof

Anyone ... Anyone ... Beuller .. Beuller ???

Rick W. -- 425.351.3535
-- MrRickWood@gmail.com

09-08-2010, 09:22 AM
You looking for a stock or modified SC ? What if the miles are around 96K but everything has been replaced?