View Full Version : mn 12 performance fan install ?.. need help..

09-21-2010, 12:58 AM
1995 auto
installed the intercooler fan tonight followed instructions to the T
every thing went perfect when i went to hook up battery terminal it sounded like the relay supplied did not like the connection warmed up a little
i thought maybe the wiring to the relay may have been removed and hooked back up wrong all connectors were already plugged into the relay when i got it so i left them alone

more than normal spark at the terminal --still havent turned on car ign. at this time
inline fuse still good car cranks and runs normal just no ic fan with key on

took direct fan wire ''orange'' hooked it up to 12v and fan runs good.
so my question is could the relay have been bad or did it burn upon connection ?
as an alternative could i run a toggle switch to run fan on demand or would there be too much load going on what kind of suggestions do you guys have?

according to the schematic going around here all wiring is correct with the exception being i have a green wire( tied in with grd) connected to middle post on relay #87 a i believe? it really felt like relay burnt up upon connection to 12 v dont know why??

09-21-2010, 03:05 AM
that sounds like your problem...I hooked up the same setup and had no problems...I would just try a new relay and also make sure your connection with the signal wire is good...mine gave me trouble

09-21-2010, 04:38 PM
never could figure out the relay thing tried three different ones seems so simple went ahead and wired fan and a couple inline fuses to an illuminated switch custom placed a little above the defroster switch looks factory hidden wiring , pretty cool on demand intercooler fan since winters coming i hope.

still fighting the check guages light thinking its overheating but its not ,flushed radiator again put on the extra skirt thing i feel a water pump replacement on the horizon

09-21-2010, 10:01 PM
I picked up a 3 speed switch and a Piggy Back Fuse.

Ground to front cowl by battery.

Fan positive to piggy back 30 amp- Fuse 11 Blower Motor back to battery.

I figured its cool enough that if I have to defrost, or cold enough for heat, then the fan doesn't have to be on. On A/C I think it through.

Switch is illuminated marked Heater. Switch has a collar and screw that attaches on lower dash shroud by left knee.

Low for warm days, med for bumper to bumper, high for stealing the car.

I hate cutting and splicing. Never have had any long term luck.