View Full Version : 92 auto tranny out of a super coupe

10-08-2010, 05:23 AM
i recently bought a complete 92 3.8sc motor and tranny for my 94 stang to do a m90 swap.i was going to build a 408 stroker 2 stage nos but going diffrent direction in build have no need for the tranny im keeping my 5 speed.idont know how much these go for or if there is any difrence in this and a run of the mill 3.8 auto(shorter gear ratio i was told?)but i would like to trade for any sc performane parts cam,roller rockers, cai, 94-95 blower unit, basicly any thing that could help in my build or if you have any thing you would like to sell that i might need please e-mail me @t.shirley28@yahoo.com