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I tried to add a post and edit to my 2nd AMW Group Purchase thread and neither of them is showing up.

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I see them. Might be the cache on your browser:

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AMW PCV Oil Serparator - 2nd Buy - OPEN


Several people have shown interest in starting another buy in the previous thread, so here's the chance for more.

In order to get a discount price direct from AMW we must order a minimum of 10 units. ANY color they offer (black, blue, red, satin) you desire can be ordered. The discount price would be $120 (no further discount) per unit plus freight to me, then USPS Flat rate box of $10.35 for me to ship them (Canada shipments $25.95). Approximate total price should be around $135 per unit shipped in the US, $146.95 to Canada. Regualr price when available is $161.95 plus shipping.

If you would like to get in please post here or send me a PM that your in for the purchase. I will let the purchase open until Oct. 8th. I then will start asking for the total amount to be paid, once I recieve the final quote from AMW. After all payments are recieved, I will send a cashiers check as required by AMW to purchase the units. Once I recieve them I will notify everyone and begin to ship them out.

I am extending this thru next Thursday. Payments must be revieved no later then Thursday Oct 21st, after that no more. I most likely will not be doing another buy on these so here's the last chance.

See the following links for more information


Installation Instructions


..... 2nd Group Buy List ......
1. BLOWN38 - black -paid
2. BLOWN38 - black -paid
3. BLOWN38 - black -paid
4. Ira R - black -paid
5. 90coug - red - paid
6. 93tbird06 - red
7. CenTexSC - black - paid
8. 91bird - blue - in the mail
9. Crash00527 - satin -paid
10. RedFox - black -paid
11. XR7Dave - blue -paid
12. XR7Dave - black - paid
13. Jim Cook - red -paid
14. Sampo - black - paid
15. Macros - black - paid

You can contact me by email ryanzimmerly1993@hotmail.com or PM.
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Yes, I noticed this morning everything was working ok, must have been my computer.