View Full Version : farthest drive to get to shootout?

10-14-2010, 10:44 PM
who was the farthest traveler to the shootout? I want to know my competition for the future when I try to make one of these darn events:rolleyes:

10-14-2010, 10:46 PM
who was the farthest traveler to the shootout? I want to know my competition for the future when I try to make one of these darn events:rolleyes:

If you are coming from Ca, you won't get much competition;)

XR7 Dave
10-14-2010, 11:10 PM
I think so far 2100 miles is the furthest (driven miles) so far from Edmonton, Alberta to Dayton, Ohio. Looks like you might be a few miles further than that, but we have a rumor of someone from Vancouver possibly making it next year so you might have some competition!

10-15-2010, 08:00 AM
I drove something like 1800mi to Oklahoma 5 years ago but Dave from Alberta beat me out even that year by a few miles....he's the undisputed road KING.

10-15-2010, 03:22 PM
my trip would be about 2200 or so but vancouver would be like 3000+!!!!

craziness but I want to do it...its just not the same hanging out with mustang guys :rolleyes:

10-15-2010, 07:33 PM
Build her tough and bring Duck Tape.

That's going to be a long drive home if your limping.


10-15-2010, 10:16 PM
most likely trailer it although driving it would be fun:D...probably buy a ram 1500 for the trip ;) (i'm dreaming, but maybe) probably borrow/rent a truck

XR7 Dave
10-16-2010, 01:11 AM
If I were driving that far I'd drive the car. No way I'd trailer a street car 5000miles. SC's were meant to be driven. If you don't have the confidence to race when you get here, then just make a pass or two down the track and call it done. No harm in that! But there is no way I'd trailer a car like yours.

I jumped in the XR7 back in 2001 when the RTV wasnt' even dry on the FMIC I just installed and a whole lot of other parts that had not even been road tested 10 ft, and headed for for the Hot Rod Power Tour kick off party. Drove essentially non-stop for over 5500miles (all the way to San Bernardino and back). Raced a few random individuals, dyno'd the car, and drove it home. If I can do it, so can you. :)

10-16-2010, 01:15 AM
David s drove his car to oklahoma from Medicine hat in 2005 so longest drive has to be him. 1700km direct but I believe they had to detour around bad weather.

We trailered from Edmonton for 3 years in 2006,07,08. I gather tom is going to drive down
Vancouver bc to dayton is 2476 miles
San Jose to dayton is 2398miles
Edmonton to dayton was 2060miles via medicine hat ab. to pick up David s (direct is 1940miles)

It would be cool to see somebody make it from farther away.


10-16-2010, 05:03 PM
Gotta agree with DD on the trailer option.

May not be totally accurate comparison, but I brought a truck back from Calgary last month. 20,000 pounds but still;

2300 miles one way was over $1100.00 for diesel.

Presuming 300 to the tank your less than $350.00.

Take 2 weeks, see the country and look cool doing it. These puppies don't even get red in the face at 70-80mph.


10-18-2010, 08:34 PM
I feel you on this...I have no concerns with my SC and would race all day and have no worries (not looking for a track worthy car just a bad *** driver)...besides, even if it did break down its not impossible to get it back home...

But it would give me an excuse to buy a truck and trailer ;)

but yeah you guys are probably right...just drive it.

10-19-2010, 01:14 AM
next year im going im coming from LA dont now the mileage

10-19-2010, 05:27 PM
And another turbo enters the fray.

I wish I was around in 2005 when the bar wasn't being raised so quickly.