View Full Version : J/s pulley and Pmas maf

11-14-2010, 10:03 PM
Stock size aluminium pulley looking to get one of these and some cash to make it even from my end. Also have a Pmas 75mm maf calibrated for a mustand with 30lb. injectors it is flanged but it has an adaptor for a regular cone filter. i'll try and put pics tomorrow and get mor info when I get home. I dont know what year it was for.

1. Softball/slow pitch bat size 34x27oz perfered let me know what you have really looking at Eastons srv2 or better. ASA approved please.

2. Case tumbler that fits 300 or more .223 cal. brass I think its like a 5lb. drum.

3. Any AR-15 upgrade parts will be considered.

I will add that my interest are in order and will take #1 even if a #2 or 3 comes in before hand, sorry I play more ball then shooting.