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12-01-2010, 10:30 PM
basically u would need 4 crush nuts and some elbow grease and you have a great stopping upgrade to your tbird/cougar...


plus this has poly bushing installed in the rear knuckles no down time waiting for the machine shop...

all new hubs and bearings as well...

you would have to convert over to a mustang style rim but this would increase your options for wheels...

would need 5x4.5 lug +24mm offset wheels

i also have a set of rims and tires posted as well...

no digs intended...

just a side note the rear knuckles with delrin bushing r $450 plus upgrades

I looking for around $800 for everything shown in the posting shipped....

these have less than 100 miles on the rotors and the rust u see is only surface rust that will be gone rather quickly...

this is well worth the money for a great upgrade that you will feel as soon as you touch the brake pedal and continue to feel for years after you premium napa rotors have started to warp in 20 miles or so... :-)

this is a parts list with approximate costs and I quote "approximate costs" (I'm sure you could find for a little + or - difference)

front cobra caliper kit $300 includes Rotors and calipers and pads
rear calipers $100 pair reman
rear pads $35 duralast semi metallic
rear rotors $200 pair prostop crossed drilled
front hubs $58 each genuine ford
rear hubs $150 each with bearings genuine ford
rear knuckles $75 each
rear cal brackets $100
poly bushings $90
machine shop $100 give or take
time to assembly parts and machine shop time "zero"

total is, again this is "approximate" $1491 and one day on stands in the driveway

all that is needed is the crush nuts which I think are like $5 each total of 4

would also suggest gettin the stainless steel lines from http://www.classictube.com/products.asp I had used the factory lines and was going to upgrade to these...

I was only going to post on the Mark forums but am going to post on the tbird/cougar and mustang sites as well...

use the search option and look up cobra brake swap and see what others have said...

again this is a great upgrade for the tbird/cougar if you like to go fast and stop...

Merry Xmas

Sharon Silver
12-02-2010, 01:29 AM
I haven't the converted my Sc to 5x4.5 but the front only require a hub swap. Rather than swap the back, I'm going to use a 5x4.25 to 5x4.5 spacer with a one inch space. I haven't figured out the exact dimensions back there but there should be plenty of room. Cairn.

12-02-2010, 07:55 PM

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will combine tire/brakes for $1400 shipped for xmas savings


12-06-2010, 12:02 AM
brakes have been sold ty and merry xmas