View Full Version : Anybody have an 87-93 Mustang GT 5.0L they want to trade for 89 SC?

01-22-2011, 07:17 PM
I love my SC, but I just miss the ease of maintenance and overall look and feel of the Fox 5.0's. I was wondering if anyone was interested in a swap for a running 89-93 5.0 LX or GT 5.0L? I prefer a GT, and would even consider an 87-88 GT as well. I also prefer a 5 speed and not automatic. My car is an 89SC. The car only has 93K miles on the clock. I recently did the head gaskets on it and used ARP head studs with refreshed milled heads to help prevent the problem from recurring. I runs well, and the AOD works well. It has ported stock exhaust manifolds and muffler delete with just a Flowmaster dual in, dual out muffler for a resonator with true dual exhaust to the back. I had plans to upgrade the front braking system to 93-97 specs. I have almost everything to get the job done which includes 93 front spindle assemblies, resurfaced factory 93-97 11.0" rotors, replacement lower control arms with new ball joints ( upper control arms are new). I have also purchased 99-up Mustang PBR dual piston calipers to replace the factory single piston calipers for better braking. I also have the factory single piston calipers if so desired. I have not done the swap yet, but have all of this stuff with the exception of the 93-97 sway bar end links, which are not very expensive at all. The factory ABS system still works very well and is intact. The car has Bilstein shocks in back and struts up front. The factory adjustable suspension was scrapped before I got the car, but I have since bought all of the solenoids and ride control computer, which were missing when I bought it. The only thing left to switch back to adjustable suspension is the Tokico Illumina 2 shocks and struts which can be had still for about $450.00.

I have pics if anyone is interested. Just let me know via PM, email (phils89sc@hotmail.com), or call / text @ 803-371-2212.

I live in Rock Hill, SC, which is in the Charlotte, NC area. I am willing to drive to about an hour radius from this area for a trade or meet halfway if further out. I have a clean SC title.


02-12-2011, 08:51 AM
you got any pics? im in the charlotte area and might be willing to buy it off you....

02-21-2011, 11:44 PM
you got any pics? im in the charlotte area and might be willing to buy it off you....


I have gone ahead and installed 93-97 spindles, resurfaced rotors, the PBR calipers with new semi-metallic pads and new mounting hardware (both upper control arms and tie rods have been replaced in the past year) this past weekend and while I was there, installed new lower control arms, strut rod bushings (at the control arm end, other side is fine). I just have to bleed the brakes again this weekend. Here are some pics of her... I can get some interior shots tomorrow... I also have had installed a new front windshield, installed a new headliner and recovered the visors. You can call / text me at 8033712212. You can also email me at pstocker@insp.com or phils89sc@hotmail.com.