View Full Version : Another Carl's Parts Run??

01-31-2011, 09:55 AM
I MIGHT be making a run to the Syracuse area...

So that opens up A HUGE opportunity to move parts...

BASIC route is I-70 East, Kansas City, St Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus OH, I71- Cleveland OH, I-90 Buffalo, Syracuse and BACK.

Can coordinate to make small runs around my area before I head out or on return like I did last time. Will also adjust route to swing by and pick up/drop off parts or meet up on the main route with you to drop off/pick up parts at a location along the route.

Pull up MapQuest and type in Junction City KS to Syracuse NY.

2600 miles round trip, 15MPG, 180 gallons of gas @ $3/gal is $520 JUST IN GAS.
So IF I did this run I would have to move ALOT of parts to make it worth my while.
Might even rent a pick up instead of taking the Dakota.
This time it is BUYING parts in Syracuse so I would have to fund the trip and purchases I plan on making. Need to move alot of stuff to make it worth my while. Not looking to make money just break even when all said and done.

This is all in the conception stage to see IF it would be even worth planning.

Let me know what you might have to move, small parts, large parts, engines, trannies, rear ends, trunk/floor pans, wheels/tires, doors, hoods, fenders, seats, even whole cars could be done.

A stop by DD's.
Hey Dave I have 2 complete motors (do not know condition of either) and some other parts I might be able to trade you for some go-fast goodies!?

Anyone along the route that needs parts delivered to or from DD?

01-31-2011, 06:20 PM
What are you picking up in Syracuse? Anything good?;)