View Full Version : drone and shake issue

Douglas Walker
02-17-2011, 10:55 PM
Im wanting to drive my bird more this year. I have a few things id like to take care of that bother me on longer trips.

Car in question
year 97
motor V8
rims 18x9 bullits 5x4.5 with hubcentric rings
I cant rotate the tire because the of different sizes front to rear
The tires are wearing well as of right now

Wheel shake problem
1st problem is shaking from 45mph and up. It probably worse 45 to 50 but improves alittle after that. Lets just say the wheel shakes constanly and I cant get it to go away. Ive had it aligned several time at differnt shops and my tires balanced a dozen times with no improvement. My current alignment guy is really good at his job and I was involved in both the alignment and tire balancing. We even broke the bead and rotated the tires 180 on the rim. The tire machine always came up balanced but still has a vibration. the suspension is tight. the car only has 32000 miles on it.

Next issue is exhaust drone at hwy speeds
The current exhaust set up is stock 4.6l, stock manifolds & cats, then after the cats bells to 2.5 into a Y pipe 3" mid pipe to pumpkin Y pipe to 2 flowmaster mufflers.

I probably should have put some type of resonator but I thought with the factory cats I wouldnt need it. I was thinking of trying some resonator tips but i dont know if those would be a waste of money. Im guessing ill have to change to a magnaflow style muffler or add a resonator

If anyone has any input I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Doug