View Full Version : 632 code and overheating

02-21-2011, 05:16 PM
got the code 632 scan didnt pick up response from cycling od button and o/d off light does not come on when pressed. whats the next step for diagnosis ?
havent driven the car yet just got it cranked up last night and ran codes ..

drove car trans is fine just getting to hot lot of bubbles in the overflow tank super geiser when removing rad cap.... trac assist stays illuminated in the off position. the 632 code must have something to do with od/cancel button and trac assist system...
car seems to be missing just changed plugs two of the old ones had fuel on them.. car doesnt start right up when it does just feels like i took a couple plug wires off rough idle. levels out with a little gas or driving along at 60. any ideas welcome..

i just dont want to admit could be dreaded h.g. just no white smoke no water in oil.... drivers mount is gone ive heard bad mounts could cause some strange symptoms