View Full Version : todays a/c delete project done

02-24-2011, 05:09 AM
let me start out with, if you dont want a head ache dont use this tensioner. i made it work because i wanted the slim line tensioner but never the less it wasnt easy.

to start with the bearing shaft was not even close to being long enough. it was completely designed to hold nothing but a 6rib pulley or an off set. so i extended the bearing shaft near flush with the bearing inner rim.

clocking the tensioner was easier than expected. the stop pins are removable via allen wrenches. i got the larger of the 2 set first then reinstalled the second, map'd a drill point and there we go.

on the tensioner mounting bolt, it did not have enough threads. so i extended the threads .61inches further allowing me to apply 60 ftlbs to the bolt firmly securing the tensioner. on the back side i had enough threads sticking out i decided to look in my bucket O ~~~ is this junk for a nut and found 1 that fit perfectly. i torqued it to 90ftlbs resulting in locking the bolt in place.

the pulley i went with after confirming the best size with some sccoa members is 76mm. at point of rest which you can see from the pics it has 25/64 of an inch clearance from the water pump pulley. this clearance will vary from person to person depending on the point that you clock the tensioner, length of belt, thickness of the belt, and type of pulley used.

all and all im happy with it but if i was to do it all over i would just get the tensioner like Dave and others have used and forget about a slimmer looking tensioner.

and btw, the reverse thread bolt was pure junk. after installing it the first time i went to wrench the tensioner over to install the belt and the threads stripped instantly. i still have some left over grade 20 bolts so i drilled the hole clean matching its size to the bolt so well that i had to tap the bolt in and used a locking nut and loc-tite.