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02-25-2011, 04:34 PM
September 5th, 2010.
Jason blows head gaskets and states it's time for a new motor.

September 6th
Jason posts pictures of Jim's progress. Also dog weiner. Disturbing.

September 7th
Melon heckles Jason about his on or off driving. Others agree. Jason denies.

September 14th
Jason posts more of others' handy work. Calls original seller a polock. Jim intervenes and sets things straight.

September 15th-16th
Tyler and Rybear haggle about cause of destruction and car abuse. Tyler knocks on wood. Jason comments he tries to break things. Says it is going back together tonight. Jim says Jason can sail his own ship now.

September 21st
Jason declares it runs finally. Has also installed fog machine in order to boost his wizard level. Declares he will slay a Mustang upon return of shootout. Revels in his ignorance.

September 26th-27th
Jason posts videos, Rybear and Tyler comment on grammar. Joel smirks from afar. Melon takes his turn and then Neibert and Nettles chum it up.

September 30th
A mako shark is seen darting through the waters, some try to chase but he is lost. Seems even more mysterious after the sighting.

October 3rd
Jason announces blown job, dipstick problem, and junk in the trunk. Comments resume.

October 14th
Motor at shop, more details later, Unibomber infatuation begins.

October 15th
Jason announces engine meet October 30th. Says there will be "braughts". This is not an english word.

October 16th-29th
Jason banters with others about new engine, shows ignorance, then show stubborness.

October 30th-31st
Jason and Jim announce failure facts.

November 1st-December 28th
Crapshooting. Notables are large ricer tach and automatic transmissions.

December 29th
Jason announces new pumpkin and rear end. Lauds Jim and Matt

January 1st, 2011
Dave spends $.02, realizes bullet is dodged.

January 6th
Shark takes a bite of Jason, circles, Dave smells of roses, Shark bites again and leaves.

January 21st
Jason announces motor to be bolted together January 24th. Seats for sale.

February 10th-11th
Jason declares new heads to come the next week. Melon has good quip. SWS MGD's it up and still slams Jason and his bookshelf spoiler. Bam:p

February 20th
Jason announces new wheels

February 21st-24th.
Tire and wheel talk, bantering, arguing, Jason does what he wants. Joel zings Jason with a good inch short joke. Jim quotes in signature. Joel smiles. Enter gloating turbo guy. 2 posts, Joel thinks he is a toolbox. Jason calls Rybear a kitty cat. Rybear prophecies future breakage.

February 25th
Toilet humor commences, includes image insults, Tyler shows the love. Joel recaps, as his pony snorts, frustrated because it has waited for 2 years for the chance to show this chicken up. Joel hopes he will get the build over with so that:
A. Jason can be humiliated by lack of appreciable timeslip
B. Jason becomes infuriated at others' haggling because of timeslip, and quits SCCoA... again
C. These crap azz pointless threads finally stop and things go back to normal for spring.

Is it 5:00 yet?

02-25-2011, 06:02 PM
It's 5:00. No need to make fun of others.

Thread closed.