View Full Version : now its my turn....1995 SC 5-speed resurrection!!!

03-05-2011, 04:36 PM
wow, this one's been a long time coming. Finally, its time to get this one moving along! 1995 SC 5-speed, black with gray leather....and in 5 days, the project begins. Need to get a rebuild done, as it would seem that the oil pump died at highway speed. Also will need new clutch, brakes, tires, exhaust, and all the little odds and ends that go along with them. I found one serious deal on brake rotors and pads, for all four corners I spent less than $300. Not yet sure how I want to go for the exhaust but I cannot keep it stock. Tailpipes are rusted and hanging off the mufflers, so they do have to go, plus I dont want to keep the horrible stock setup anyways. I do have a line on a Flowmaster cat-back for $345 but I dont know anything about that system. The car will be basically pretty stock, with some mild mods--basically just bolt-ons, really. I am looking to ditch the stock manifolds but would prefer not to spend the $$$ for headers unless someone here has a used set they would be willing to sell to me. I will be doing things like motor mounts and so on as we go also, so that I dont have to tear it down later to fix some minor issue like that.

Oh, and I also need a complete A/C system too, so if anyone has one kicking around, please let me know. Any thoughts or advice are welcome, this is my first go-round with pulling an SC motor

03-05-2011, 05:29 PM
A few notes:

Search to verify, but it seems like headers don't do much for "simple bolt-on mod"'ed motors, since it's not the manifolds that limit the flow of air and fuel through the motor. So I'd stick with the factory manifolds if I were you.

Cat back - For a 1995, I'd look hard at the Mandrel Bent Systems ( http://www.mandrelexhaustsystems.com/servlet/the-116/92-dsh-97-THUNDERBIRD-EXHAUST-TUBING/Detail ) and, until you settle on the exact mufflers you want, use some straight tubes for the muffler locations to get the tips out from under the rear of the car (to avoid that annoying drone at about, IIRC, 2000 to 2500 RPM.)

For $145 in aluminized (and $245 for the stainless variant!), it's a good deal, from all running it nowadays.

They don't have the front section for a SC, alas, so you're stuck with cat-back on it. Plus, you'll have to pick up a dual-in dual-out muffler to replace the "Y" section to use it. But that may be the best bet for a good running, good sounding system.

Search for what others think about their mufflers - I'm a V8 guy, even as sweet as the SC can sound, it just doesn't grab me like a V8 does :p But there's others running Dynomax and Borlas to replace the X pipe, so that's good news (Also Flowmasters and straight X pipes - if you go straight X pipe, you'll have to put SOMETHING for mufflers in the back, unless your LEOs are deaf and dumb. Of course, they won't be mute ... )