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04-05-2011, 11:46 AM
I have a 90 SC that had the antilock system that of course went out. I have read so many post on this subject with so many ideas and the one where they say use a 93 CV non police MC and the standard low line T-Bird vacuum booster and this is what I was going to do myself. I went and picked up a MC/Vacuum Booster off a 1993 LX from the local junk yard and when I got it installed I noticed that the MC had two ports on the right with the screw in Proportion Valves and on the left were two standard lines screwed into them ( junk yard guys just cut the lines rather than take them off ) so I thought what the heck I decided to plug the two ports on the left ( drivers side ) and the line that came up from the block with the pressure sensor and single line going to the rear brakes on it only fit the rear port on the MC so that’s where I put it and while I was at the parts yards I picked up a 4 way block off of a 1993 CV police cruiser. ( the 4th port was the pressure switch so I took it off and plugged the port.)
I hooked the front R & L brake lines to it and picked up an 8 inch line from O’Reilly Autoparts and bent it to fit and hooked it from the MC to the block and mounted the blocks bracket to the MC bolt on the Vacuum Booster. After bench bleeding the MC and several rounds of bleeding the complete system the peddle felt way to low for me so I pulled the MC off the booster and adjusted the push rod out about 4 turns and buttoned up and did a test drive, went too far with the rod and the brakes wanted to lock up after a short drive so I went back and took 1 ˝ turns off the rod, test drove it again and the peddle is plenty high and the car stops really good, better than with the Antilock mess.
I wanted to post what I did with T-Bird parts and how it turned out and I have attached some finished pictures of my little project and the brakes work good and the job looks pretty good to me.
So thanks to everyone with all your great idea’s and I hope my little adventure can help someone else.
Oh and my ARC system works perfect as well even with the antilock system gone!

Bill :D

06-04-2011, 02:37 PM
Nice job. I like that you mounted the block onto the booster. I was thinking it was a good idea to mount it somewhere but ended up just cutting the bracket off since this project was dragging on longer than I wanted since I took the time to clean and paint the booster, then scratched it up putting it in.:rolleyes: