View Full Version : AOD Identification

04-14-2011, 12:30 AM
I have.an AOD out of a '90 parts car that I need to identify as being SC specific.I am aware that one difference is the ''A'' servo.The only issue I have is that dont want to pull the valve body to find out.Is there any external markings or stampings that would help identify it.Hopefully someone can help me out.I tried to do a search,but I didn't have much luck....Thanks

04-14-2011, 02:50 AM
Everything else can be different, some had the SC case casting, if it has that you know it is an SC. If it has a number it still could be.

04-14-2011, 08:53 AM
Is the case marked in any way with a specific number or stamp/tag or anything else that I can use to possibly identify it with???....I know the internals can always be different and it can always be upgraded,but if it is SC specific,I'll have a 50/50 chance that I'm starting off with a correct unit, without pulling it apart just yet.

04-14-2011, 09:49 AM
no, sorry don't know of any markings like that