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05-28-2011, 11:58 PM
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Comments: I dealt with Evan way back in 2008. Evan had a blue 5-speed console that I needed for my future '92 Sport 5-speed swap. It has the original blue interior so only a blue 5-speed unit seemed appropriate. I purchased the entire console along with the shifter boot and the e-brake lever with the first section of cable. Communication with Evan was great. His packaging was excellent and shipping was instant! He shipped it from Washington State on the 23rd and I got it in Mass. on the 26th! His price was extremely reasonable.

Back then I also owned a '92 SC. I then purchased an '89 5-speed cam and lifters from him once he tore into the engine. Same great packing, great price and super fast delivery.

I was and am extremely happy with purchasing from Evan. AAA+++ seller.

Thanks Evan for all of the hard work. Sorry this review is so late. Car stuff (at least my own) has taken a back seat and 3 years flew by.