View Full Version : 60lb Siemen Deka $245 Shipped

10-06-2011, 10:20 AM
Trying a group buy again. How many do we have interested in 60s? Siemens EV1 standard length/size

Be 245 for 60s lower 48

Depending on how many we buy is what makes the price. That is for the first 36 bought. We get more than 6 people that PAY they will get cheaper.

If we do not get 6 people than none will be purchased.

Have to get people with the $ no later than 10/30/11. If you do not have the $ or not sure if you will have the $ by that date please do not post until you do to help keep the thread clean. If you have questions Please PM me or email birdofprey97 at gmail dot com