View Full Version : another crazy cooling idea

10-25-2002, 09:37 PM
ok this thought just hit me today as I was think about making a sc top that went directly into the lower inlet. If I have a good enough blower I will have to have a bigger blower pulley than the stock94/95. this is slow down the sc and increasing eficiancy of the blower and heat.

Well the main idea is to make the back part of the sc top wide enough for good flow with a ac condensor cut to be placed in the inlet so the air will flow through it. I will have a ice water system set up for flowing the cold water through the condensor or have the ac set up to flow through that.

I would make another condensor for the front intake tube that would get pretty wide for good air flow and more room to suck in the cold air. If you can get that to 20 degress emagine the gains over loosing 10 horses for the ac being on but that wouldn't matter since the ac shuts off at full throttle. It would be on enough to still have cold air in it through the 1/4 mile.

gains= power from slower sc and colder air in the itake tube as well as the back sc part.

I am using ac condensor because I have two just sitting arround and it looks perfect for cooling stuff if set up properly.

Well if you want to still use the ac you can use the cold water.

Any thoughts on my crazy idea. I will try when I learn to weld.

Crazy XR7