View Full Version : Help from Miami area 94 - 95 owner needed.

11-11-2011, 03:40 AM
Need help from Florida 94-95 owner.

I don't know if anyone in Florida has seen this thread regarding Mandrel Exhaust systems offering of downpipes for the early model SC's.


To get the same offering - http://www.mandrelexhaustsystems.com/servlet/the-319/91-dsh-95-THUNDERBIRD-3.8L-SC/Detail -
for the late model cars they need to see one or a passenger side downpipe.

Their address is 18495 South Dixie Hwy #213, Miami, FL 33157

Being way up in the Great White North I don't know if anyone lives close to this address but if someone with a '94 or '95 does and could visit these guys it would sure help me get my bird back on the road with a substantial savings in exhaust $$.

Here's hoping!