View Full Version : I was the only SC at Atlanta Dragway today

Mike Puckett
10-26-2002, 11:51 PM
The only other TBird was an 88 pro stock that ran a 5.13 1/8 mi. I took the 35th today to see what it would do. Ran a best 15.189@ 89.11. Next weekend the 2nd is the last event for the season. The 9th is a closed event and not available. I'll run the 90 racer for sure looking for that 13.5. The gates open at 9am with time trials at 11am. Lets try one more time.

Jason Parham
10-27-2002, 05:19 AM
You know I would have been there if I didnt have to take that stupid test. That morning part wasnt TOO Bad but wow that afternoon part was rough. WHEWWW am I glad thats over with.

On the lighter side, Bama beat the Vols pretty nicely and it looked like ole Fulmer was going to kill himself some ref's on more than one occasion. I'll admit that play where Croyle passed off to Beard shouldnt have been alowed but I guess the refs just didnt catch it. But in the end it turned out the 3 points we ended up getting on that drive really didnt matter anyway. Mike, looks like your Alma Mater came out ahead as well.

Quote of the day:
"Nothing sucks like a big orange!"
Roll Tide Baby!!!!