View Full Version : Can I beat my buddy’s Mustang?

10-28-2002, 06:50 PM
This one comes up all the time. This answer assumes both the Mustang and
the SC/XR7 are stock. When either car is modified, that car can have a huge
advantage and win handily. Most of the time the Mustang in question is a Fox
body 87-93 5.0L. Throughout these years the Mustang made 225HP and
300ft-lbs of torque. That is exactly 15 more HP than the 89-93 SC/XR7, but
15ft-lbs of torque less. So, for comparative purposes, both motors have
approximately the same power output, but they make it differently. The
SC/XR7 will excel in races from 0-60mph whereas the 5.0L will excel in races
from 60+mph. Consider the fact that the Mustang GT weighs 500lbs less than
the SC/XR7 and Mustang LX’s weigh even less, it can be a tough challenge.
Sometimes the SC/XR7’s beat the 5.0L, but I would say more times than not
the Mustang will have the advantage. Keep your races short and sweet and off
the highway and you’ll do much better.

One exception to the “highway” suggestion is in regards to top speed. Even a
stock SC can easily exceed 140 to 145 mph. When driving at these speeds
aerodynamics play a big part in the performance of your vehicle. Hands down
the SC and XR7 have smoother aerodynamics and a lower coefficient of drag
than a Fox body Mustang. We don’t encourage this type of behavior, but you
will outrun a Mustang, in almost all cases, in a top speed contest.

The 94-95 5.0L engines made slightly less power at 215HP and 285ft-lbs of
torque and were found in the last year of the Fox body and the first years of the
SN95 body. These cars might be a bit easier to handle in stock trim. Also
consider the fact that automatic transmissions won’t put as much power to the
ground than manuals. But there is no sense in fooling yourself, Mustangs lay
down quicker times in stock trim. The cars are a close match though and driver
ability can make a big difference on who wins.

The 94-95 Super Coupe flat out makes more HP and Torque than any fuel
injected Mustang GT up to 1998. So, with only weight differences to worry
about, the 94-95 SC has a much better chance of winning more times than not
in a race.