View Full Version : Drive and Passenger Seats Bolster Air System - Not Working

03-23-2012, 03:18 AM
Hello guys/gals,

I have two Issues that I hope someone can help me with;

Issue #1:
So I had the drive and passenger bottom portion seats redone a couple of years ago. A few weeks after I got them back I noticed that the bolsters were not working the way they were working before I took them to the shop. When I press the bolster botton to inflate them I slightly feel them move, but they dont hug me like they used to, before they worked on them.
NOTE: When I am sitting on the seat and press the Bolster inflate button I can hear that air pump working, and the Bolsters slightly hug me, but dont hold pressure.

Question #1:
My question is does anybody have any instruction on the air systerm is routed and is supposed to be connected? I am in the process of removing the driver seat and dissasembling the driver seat so taht I can fix it myself.

Issue #2:
Also, the headrest locking clips (I think thats what they might be called) were broken by this shop, so whenever I raise the headrest, if falls back down the moment I releave it.

Issue #2
Anybody can provide me with the process on how to dissassemble the seat so that I can fix this issue?

I had originally taken it back to the shop, but they told me that they didn't touch the bolster system, and that the clips probably broke while they were dissassembling the seats because they were old and dried out.

I called buls on it but they told me that they didn't do anything wrong and that if they were to fix that they were gonna charge me for it. So I decided to cut my losses there and handle things on my own.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


03-23-2012, 09:27 AM
Issue #1: Sounds like the air line going to the inflatable bolster bags might be pinched....

The air line runs up the side of the seat....

Issue #2: If the head rest will not stay in the up position, then the locking pins are missing....

They are kinda difficult to locate, but you should be able to feel them on the drivers side of each headrest post.....


03-23-2012, 11:29 AM
You're quick, Big E ... I was looking for your post with the pictures of the clips when you posted it!

I just bought a set of the plastic sleeves at www.FordPartsGiant.com. The part number is F2DZ-54610A16-A. I paid about $40 for all 4, including shipping.

As for question #1 - I believe that there is one air pump for the bolster and lumbar functions. Each switch works the same electrically - the motor is either on or off. However, the switch also has a mechanical part to it ... I think there is a valve in the switch that allows the air to flow to that particular system and not the other. Each line has a check valve to maintain the pressure when the pump is off. Both air systems are fed through little black plastic tubes that run across the back of the seat and up through a little hole in the seat foam at the inside rear corner of the seat bottom. From there , they run up near the hook in the lower inside corner of the seatback. There is a connection made with little pieces of soft rubber hose at that point so that the seat back and seat bottom can be separated. There are also little rubber hoses at the switches. And I assume there is one at the pump.

(If someone sees a flaw in this explanation, please point it out. I could use the info as well!)

I think you might be able to work this out without much disassembly if you feel for leaks while activating the button. If the lumbar works well, then iany leak is probably at the switch or on the bolster side of the system. Check for leaks there. And, in the worst case, you may need to take the cover off each bolster and check for leaks there.