View Full Version : How much power can I add before upgrading the fuel pump?

10-28-2002, 07:03 PM
This is debatable, but after installing a few air flow enhancing devices such as a
larger MAFS, Throttle body, smaller supercharger pulley, or headers/down
tubes/cat-back, I would say it is time to consider going with a larger capacity
fuel pump. More air into the engine necessitates more fuel.

Fuel pumps do not last forever either and a good rule of thumb is to change
them out after 100,000 miles. As many SCs/XR7s are now ten years old or
older, your car likely has surpassed this mileage mark. Why replace your
original fuel pump with an equivalent from your Ford dealer when there are
larger capacity pumps available at very reasonable prices compared to you will
pay your dealership? The most popular pumps to upgrade to are the 190 lph
and 255lph units. Having the extra capacity for future upgrades is always a
good idea. Donít forget to change your fuel filter every few years too. These
are often overlooked and when they become clogged, make your fuel pump
work harder and fail sooner. Be proactive, not dumb-active!