View Full Version : What are the part numbers for the upgraded brass blocker rings for the M5R2?

10-28-2002, 07:06 PM
1st, 2nd, and 4th Gear- F1TZ-7107-A
3rd Gear- F1TZ-7107-H
5th Gear- F1TZ-7107-D
Reverse- F1TZ-7107-G

Rich Thomson
10-22-2004, 03:37 PM
I have personally checked the F150 brass blocking ring part numbers listed and ONLY the F1TZ-7107-G ring fits the SC M5R2 trans. This blocking ring F1TZ-7107-G fits 1st - 4th gears only. None of the other rings will work in the SC M5R2 trans.