View Full Version : How much will it cost to upgrade the ring and pinion gears in my rear end?

10-28-2002, 07:13 PM
Typically, the cost of the gears themselves is approx. $180 to $200. Depending
upon the general overall condition and mileage of your rear end, you may
consider doing a complete rebuild of your rear differential. Assuming you just
wish to change the gears themselves, you can save some money by removing
and replacing the gear housing yourself. If this is done, typically a shop will
charge $125 to $175 just to change your gears out. If they also remove the
housing, expect another two hours of labor at a cost of approx. $50/hour.
Remember that EVERY time you remove and replace a half shaft into your
8.8 rear housing, the axle seals should be changed to prevent leaking.