View Full Version : What is the widest tire I can fit on my stock 16 inch rims?

10-28-2002, 07:14 PM
The widest tire that is recommended for the stock 16 X 7 inch SC or XR7
wheels is a 255 50 16. These tires are approximately 10 inches. Most people
have not experience any interference with these tires on suspension pieces,
however, most will agree that you should not go wider. 245 50 is not quite as
wide as a 255, but will offer a very aggressive stance and is also a very popular
upgrade for those that donít want to risk it with a 255 50. Follow this link to a
tire height calculator. This calculator will tell you different specification of
different tire sizes in relation to your stock tire size (225 60 16)

As an aside to this question, be aware that the overall diameter of the stock 225
60 16s is 26.6 inches. If you decide to go with the 255 50 16 size be aware
that they have a diameter of 26.0 inches and the 245 50 16s are even shorter
yet at only 25.6 inches tall. By going to a shorter tire, the gap between the
wheel lip and the top of your tire grows dramatically and can actually make
your car look like a four-wheel-drive truck. If your car is equipped with
lowering springs, this will address the large gap that will be created, but Iím sure
most people will agree that your car will look quite funny with such a large
fender lip gap.