View Full Version : How can I make my car run cooler?

10-28-2002, 07:22 PM
First of all, donít always believe what your dash gage is saying is true. Factory
gages are notorious for being inaccurate. Verify the coolant temperature by an
external gauge if possible. The SC radiator, because it shares space with the
intercooler, is by space restriction not as large as it probably should be. If your
car has not had its coolant changed every two or three years, then there is a
very good possibility that your radiator is partially clogged. Flushing/cleaning
may help, or replacement may be necessary. Replacing the stock radiator with a
thicker aftermarket Griffin unit will likely help dramatically. Your radiator hoses
may also have a blockage inside them. The lower hose is especially prone to
clogging because it has a wound metal spring inside it. Deposits have been
known to gradually attach to this spring and over time restrict flow substantially.
Hoses should be replaced every five years. Use a good name brand of coolant
of your preference (I recommend Prestone) and add some brand of "water
wetter" product. This will aid in the heat transfer capability of the coolant and
help to keep your cooling system cleaner. You may want to replace your stock
197-degree thermostat with a 180-degree unit. Also there are several
commercially available programmable or variable ways to make your radiator
fan come on at a lower temperature.