View Full Version : What are the hidden differences between the ‘94/95 SCs vs. the early model cars?

10-28-2002, 07:30 PM
by Bill Evanoff

What are the hidden differences between the ‘94/95 SCs vs. the early model cars besides the obvious exterior and interior changes?

The late model cars received many tweaks by the 3.8L Engineers. The rods were improved, the heads were modified slightly, and the crank was altered. Numerous electronic components and sensors were changed, the EEC controller was updated, and the injectors were raised to 36# vs. 30# on the early model cars. The automatic transmission became “electronic” (4R70W vs. AOD), the manual trans. received slightly different ratios, and the ABS unit had already changed to a different style in the ’93 model year. The interior received driver and passenger side air bags, therefore eliminating the annoying gliding shoulder belts. The interior changes were major obviously. Over all, I think it is an improvement except for the seats. The early seats somehow feel better to me, even though the changes to them were minor. I especially like the 145-mph speedo. from the late model dash. Thankfully this is easily retrofitted to the early model instrument cluster in about 20 minutes. The exterior changes were definitely a "some like ’em, some don’t" scenario.

The single major reason for the horsepower difference between the early and late model engines is the better internal porting and epoxied rotors on the ‘94/95 Eaton supercharger. Most everyone has seen the differences between the two and the rectangular opening on the rear of the late model unit is far larger than the oval opening on the early model units. Even though it is spun slower than the early model blowers, it makes the extra HP easily through enhanced airflow capability and increased adiabatic efficiency.